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A professional shopping site offering a wide range of games, including two unique multi-game board sets, which can be used to play over one hundred games including carrom. Strictly speaking, since their boards manufactured by Carrom Company are unlike conventional carrom boards, they are unsuitable for carrom enthusiasts. One can place an order using their online shopping cart with secure checkout, or by calling their toll free number. Shipping is free to most parts of the United States, but international shipping charges are unspecified.

Site Design5 Star
Product Range2 Star
Security5 Star

Amber Sporting Goods

An extensive sporting goods outlet offering four different carrom boards along with a selected range of accessories. An online shopping cart system is available to place orders and pay securely by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Although the shipping charge within America is determined online, overseas shipping charges are unavailable.

Site Design3 Star
Product Range3 Star
Security5 Star


An exclusive carrom shop offering carrom boards and accessories, including stands, imported from various reputed manufacturers in India. In addition to regular boards, they also offer slight seconds at discounted prices. Orders can be submitted by an email form, on receipt of which payment instructions are confirmed by return email. Credit card payments are accepted through Paypal, plus one can also pay by cheque or opt for FedEx’s cash on delivery service, subject to a $ 7.50 charge. A flat $ 4.00 shipping charge is applicable for accessories with the U.S., while that for boards can be determined online with FedEx’s ‘Rate Finder’. Overseas shipping charges are not specified.

Site Design3 Star
Product Range5 Star
Security4 Star