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A square plywood board with a wooden border frame on all sides and netted pockets in each corner.

The different features of a carrom board are as follows.

Plywood Board The playing surface comprises of a square plywood board with screen printed lines and patterns, polished for a smooth low friction and hard wearing finish. The standard playing area is 74 cm x 74 cm i.e. 29″ square. However, smaller sizes are suitable for children while larger ones are great if you are already familiar with the game and want a little bit more – a large board is as exciting as a large 21″ computer monitor!

Wooden Frame Boards come with different border frame widths, ranging from 1.25″ (about 32 mm) to 3.00″ (about 75 mm), with the thicker and heavier ones being more expensive and far better to play on due to better rebound or cannon effect generated.

Corner Pockets Four pockets or holes, one in each corner of the board, with nets secured underneath to hold the pocketed carrom men or striker.

Bracings Wooden supports underneath the board’s surface, secured to both the plywood board and the border frame, to reinforce the playing surface and avoid any warping.

Special thanks to Carrom Board Centre for the above pictures.